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Soundiron Crystal KONTAKT | 462 Mb
Become a glitch master with CRYSTAL, a collection of over 600 unique, shatteringly-crystalline, glitchy percussive strikes, stingers, multisamples and effects that will cut right through your mix. Crystal's unique sound comes from glass field recordings, twisted and mangled into an easy "out-of-the-box" solution for glitch percussion. Crystal is perfect for minimalist, EDM, IDM, dubstep, chillwave, glitch, post rock, soundtrack, downtempo, dub and ambient music. It's also fantastic for sci-fi sound design and creating user interface SFX for games and apps.
The library is programmed for the full version of Kontakt 5.5 and later (OSX 10.8 or later / Windows 7 or later required). It comes equipped with a custom user interface dynamic sound shaping and mixing controls: attack, edge, release, filter resonance and cut, bank preset loading (with optional key-switching), adaptive arpeggiation and built-in convolution reverb with your choice of 30 different rooms, halls, spaces and special FX impulses. All of the samples are also included as categorized and clearly named stereo wave files that can be imported and used in any wav-format compatible audio environment, sampler, editor, sequencer or other audio software you like.
When developing the concept for Crystal, we were inspired by the piercing and percussive quality of glass jars banging together. At the same time, subtle rustling and clinking-about created a nice background accent that can sit well in a track for added interest. Armed with this knowledge we set out to capture high fidelity recordings of glass, and after many weeks of thoughtful sound design and mastering, we had Crystal.
The idea behind Crystal is that all of the sounds are completely cohesive and pretty much any sound can follow any *other* sound. To this end, you can achieve great results simply by turning on the arpeggiator, tweaking the sequencer dialog and mashing a bunch of keys—the results will surprise you! You can take this idea a step further by using the different sound presets with the sequencer, for example: give your beat a solid groove by sequencing the bass preset on downbeats, and the effects preset on the spaces in-between. This will keep your groove structurally sound while using chaos and randomness to your advantage.
The library comes equipped with flexible control features, like attack, release, transient offset, dynamic swelling, filter type selection, resonant filter sweep and a robust Arpeggiator system that provides a full range of custom dynamic arpeggiation modes and step sequencer pattern creation options. There’s also a complete DSP effects rack, including convolution reverb with dozens of unique spaces, such as cathedrals, churches, halls, bunkers, garages, tunnels, chambers, rooms and plenty of otherworldly FX impulses to fully explore and endless variety of strange and unexpected sonic manipulations.
8 Instrument Presets with dozens of selectable articulations, performance controls, filter, vibrato/ring mod, Arp sequencing and full FX rack.
19 pre-built percussion kits.
88 unconventional kicks in 2 style categories.
113 unique snares in 2 style categories.
72 strange toms in 2 style categories.
51 cymbal-like splashes, crashes, clicks, blips and snaps in 2 style categories.
131 long and short special effect strikes, stingers and stabs in 4 style categories.
219 acoustic glass multisamples, including taps, strikes, clinks, clangs, rattles.
18 ambient, atmospheric, tonal pad and environmental presets.
Multi-mode Arpeggiation with step-sequencer.
Convolution Reverb with 70 different cathedrals, churches, chambers, rooms, halls and special effect impulses.
A full multi-effects rack, with EQ, filter, phaser, flanger, delay, distortion, amp & speaker simulation and more.
图书馆编程的开播5.5和以后的完整版本(OSX10.8或更高版本7或更高版本的Windows要求)。它配备一个自定义用户界面动态声音塑造和混合控件︰攻击、边缘、释放、筛选共振和削减,银行预设加载(与可选键切换),自适应arpeggiation和内置卷积回响与您选择的30不同的房间、大厅、空格和特殊FX冲动。所有的样品也被列为分类和清楚地命名的立体声波形文件可以导入并使用在任何wav 格式兼容音频环境、取样器、编辑器、音序器或其他你喜欢的音频软件。
水晶背后的想法是,所有的声音都完全一致,几乎任何声音可以按照任何* 其他 *声。为此目的,您可以简单地通过开启琶音器、调整音序器对话框和糖化一串钥匙实现伟大的结果— —结果将给你一个惊喜!你可以进一步通过使用不同的声音预置与音序器,例如这个想法︰给你的节拍固体槽通过测序上称之为音域,预设的低音和效果预设上空间介于两者之间。这会使你槽结构声同时使用混乱和随机性对你有好处。
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