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Adam Monroe Music Upright bass 1.3 KONTAKT VST | 739 Mb
Adam Monroe's Upright bass was sampled from the pluckings of a gigging upright bass player. The bass itself was an inherited instrument from the musician's grandfather. The exact age of the bass is not known, but it had seen some action, and although a little beat-up, still sounded great!
To produce this library, the bass was sampled through a close-miced stereo pair of Shure SM81's, an AKG D112, a Neumann Tlm 102 and a "di" bridge pickup. During mixing, it was decided that the SM81's blended with the D112 gave the best overall tone. The bass was sampled over the course of a few 10 hour sessions, where the bass player played plucked notes, slap bass, and slides. Boy, did his fingers burn after those slides!
Do to the nature of the recording environment, the samples contained a lot of noise, and had to be denoised, although a lot of the noise was left in so as not to affect the tonal qualities of the upright bass too much. As an instrument that is more-or-less destined to sit in a mix, we don't feel that the slight noise is much of an issue, and do to the percussive nature of an upright bass, tends to fade-away quickly, but well let the audio demos speak for themselves.
The goal of this library was to strike a balance between a realistic upright bass sound and a useable vst, therefore, the articulations are "pre-recorded" as opposed to engineered/programmed. Although software simulation allows for more control over playing, nothing sounds quite like live articulations.
The Kontakt version of Adam Monroe's Upright Bass is cross-platform, and is maintained by Native Instruments, all the programming and effects being done through them. Some simple scripting is done by us. The VST version is another story, and the programming falls entirely on AdamMonroeMusic. The goal in any sample library that is also a VST (virtual instrument) is to attempt to match the performance of the Kontakt Player. We feel the performance of this VST is comparable.
The VST version includes high-performance algorithms that have been improving with each new virtual instrument released by Adam Monroe Music. For example, the buffering algorithm is double-buffered and multithreaded, which means that buffering performance is fast, even on slower computers, and even in lower latencies. Voices are held and iterated over in a pure, C-Style array. Memory use is lower in the VST version than in the Kontakt version (70-130MB). Because of the solid VST code base and, and compilation of the code to not need external .dll's/objects/libs, you can feel confident that the VST version should work just as well as the Kontakt version.
When it comes to upright bass, there are several considerations in regards to articulations. What do you include and how are they triggered back? Unlike some other upright bass sample libraries, we decided it would be best to separate the slap sounds, and the softer, natural pizzicato sounds, and allow the user to control them with the sustain pedal. We decided to limit slides to major and minor 3rds which can be controlled by the pitch wheel; holding the pitch wheel slightly up before pressing a note will trigger a minor 3rd, holding it more aggressively up will trigger a major third, and the reverse is true for slide-downs. You then have to move the pitch wheel back to the "neutral" position to trigger another slide. We feel this prevents the user from triggering unwanted slides. Slides don't work for notes that don't make sense (like up from and down to E1). Hammer-ons and pull-offs were also recorded, but in the end it was decided they did not add much value to the library and would be difficult to control outside of automation.
亚当· 门罗直立低音被取自gigging直立低音播放器的pluckings。低音本身是一种继承的乐器从音乐家的祖父。不知道低音的确切年龄,但它看到一些行动了,虽然有点破旧,但仍然听上去很棒!
要生成此库,低音被采样通过舒尔SM81关闭糜状立体、诺依曼Tlm102、AKGD112"di"桥拾音器。在混合,它决定SM81 的掺D112给最佳的整体色调。低音被采样过程中几个10小时的会议,贝斯手在哪里演奏中摘出来的笔记、记耳光低音和幻灯片。男孩,做他的手指烧伤后那些幻灯片!
亚当· 门罗直立低音的开播版本是跨平台的是由和维护本机文书,所有的编程和正在通过他们的影响。由我们做一些简单的脚本。VST版本是另一个故事,和编程完全适逢AdamMonroeMusic。也是VST(虚拟仪器)任何样本库中的目标是试图开播播放器的性能相匹配。我们觉得这VST的性能是可比性。
VST版本包括一直致力改善与每个新的虚拟仪器,被亚当梦露音乐释放的高性能算法。例如,缓冲算法是双缓冲和多线程的这意味着,缓冲性能是快速的即使在较慢的计算机上,即使在较低的延迟。声音是举行,在一个纯C 样式数组遍历。内存使用较低的VST版本比在开播版本(70-130 MB)。由于固体的VST库,和,不需要外部.dll 的/对象/库进行编译,你能感觉到自信的VST版本应该开播版本一样工作。
当它来到直立低音时,有几个注意事项在表达问候。你这包括哪些内容和他们如何触发回来吗?不像其他一些直立低音样本库,我们决定将最好分开记耳光听起来,并听起来更柔和、自然的拨奏,并允许用户控制它们与延音踏板。我们决定来限制对主要和次要的3rds可以由沥青轮;控制幻灯片举起沥青轮稍前按注会触发第三个轻微,举起它更积极地将触发为大三度,和幻灯片起伏情况正相反。然后,你必须将沥青轮移回到"中立"的立场来触发另一张幻灯片。我们觉得这会阻止用户触发不需要的幻灯片。幻灯片的注释的毫无意义(像从和到E1)不工作。锤 ons及拉取舍也录,但最后决定他们不没有向库中添加多值,将难以在自动化控制。
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