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Adam Monroe Music - Upright Piano v1.0.1 KONTAKT VST | 1.51 Gb
Adam Monroe's Upright Piano was sampled from a (slightly used) Schafer and Sons VS-40 upright piano using Oktava Mk-012 (in cardioid pattern) and AEA Ribbon microphones in wide stereo into Grace M101 and AEA TRP preamps. The piano was sampled with both small diaphragm condenser and ribbon microphones in order to capture both the transient details and warmth of an upright piano. This approach also allows the user to blend between microphone positions, in order to achieve a more percussive SDC sound, or a laid-back Ribbon warmth, depending on the needs of the track. With both mic positions equal, the piano library achieves a punchy, present, balanced sound useful for pop and solo piano tracks.
The piano was sampled with the lid and front-panel removed in order to further accentuate the string and hammer sounds, and mics were positioned directly over the hammers in spaced pairs. Naturally some phase issues arose, so the phase was inverted on the Ribbon mics in order to allow the bass frequencies to come through. The piano was recorded in a slightly reverberant room, a bit of which can be heard in the ribbon position.
Adam Monroe's Upright Piano contains 10 layers of velocity for each note, with 2 note round-robin, which equates to approximately 3500 audio samples. The instrument includes built-in reverb and some anticipated frequency cuts which can be engaged via switches. The cuts centered around 10.6 kHz and 13.5 kHz are the frequencies where the piano's hammer noise is most prevalent, and the 120 Hz cut is intended to clean up mud in bass-heavy mixes.
Our intention in developing this library was to create a piano voice that was both punchy and clean without sounding sterile or boring. We think the end result is a sampled upright piano that fits nicely into mixes without sounding clean or fake, and that has enough presence to breath life into pop and rock tracks, well also being versatile enough to sound good as a solo instrument.
he Kontakt version of Adam Monroe's Upright Piano is cross-platform, and is maintained by Native Instruments, all the programming and effects being done through them. Some simple scripting is done by us. The Kontakt version requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5 or later. You can use the (free) player version to "demo" the instrument, but it will time-out after 15 minutes. The VST and Audio Unit versions are another beast entirely, and the programming falls entirely on AdamMonroeMusic. Our goal in any sample library that is also a VSTi (virtual instrument) or audio unit is to attempt to match the performance of the Kontakt Player. With this library, we feel like we have done just that.
The VST and AU versions include updated, high-performance algorithms that have been improving with each new virtual instrument released by Adam Monroe Music. For example, the buffering algorithm is double-buffered and multithreaded, which means that buffering performance is fast, even on slower computers, and even in lower latencies. Voices are held and iterated over in a pure, C-Style array. Memory use is comparable to the Kontakt version (about 400MB). Because of the solid VST/AU code base, you can feel confident that the VST and AU versions should work just as well as the Kontakt version. The VST version currently works with all Windows VST compatible DAWS, the AU versions works with all Mac compatible DAWS
亚当· 门罗音乐-立式钢琴v1.0.1开播VST|1.51Gb
亚当· 门罗立式钢琴被取自成恩典M101和AEATRP前置放大器使用OktavaMk-012(在心形图案)和AEA丝带麦克风在宽立体声(稍微用)谢弗和儿子VS 40立式钢琴。钢琴被采样与小振膜电容和丝带麦克风以捕获的瞬态细节和温暖的立式钢琴。这种方法还允许用户麦克风的位置,以达到更撞击的SDC声或悠闲的丝带温暖,根据赛道的需要之间的混合。与这两个平等的mic职位,钢琴图书馆达到言简意赅、现状、均衡的声音对流行音乐和独奏的钢琴曲目有用。
亚当· 门罗立式钢琴包含10层的每个音符,与2注-循环赛,这相当于大约3500音频采样的速度。该仪器包括内置混响和一些预期频率削减可以通过开关进行。削减为中心约10.6千赫和13.5千赫的频率在钢琴的锤噪声是流行最广,和120赫兹削减为了清理淤泥中低音重混合。
他开播版本的亚当· 门罗立式钢琴是跨平台的是由和维护本机文书,所有的编程和正在通过他们的影响。由我们做一些简单的脚本。开播版本要求的开播5或更高版本的完整版本。你可以使用的(免费)的播放器版本"演示"的仪器,但它将超时15分钟后。VST和音频单元版本完全,是另有一个兽和编程完全适逢AdamMonroeMusic。我们也是VSTi(虚拟仪器)或音频单位任何样本库中的目标是试图开播播放器的性能相匹配。与此媒体库,我们觉得我们是这么做的。
VST和AU版本包括一直致力改善与每个新的虚拟仪器,被亚当梦露音乐释放的最新的高性能算法。例如,缓冲算法是双缓冲和多线程的这意味着,缓冲性能是快速的即使在较慢的计算机上,即使在较低的延迟。声音是举行,在一个纯C 样式数组遍历。内存使用相媲美的开播版本(大约400 MB)。由于固体VST/AU的库,你可以自信的VST和AU版本应该一样在开播版本工作。VST版本当前工程与所有WindowsVST兼容DAW,所有Mac兼容DAW的非盟版本作品
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