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Particle Sound Forks KONTAKT | 3.97 Gb
Forks is a unique Kontakt 5 instrument that uses a deeply programmable interface to combine both acoustic and synthetic elements to create sublime new sounds for composers and sound designers.
At it's heart Forks is based on an extensively sampled collection of scientific tuning forks that have been used and abused and played in unique and creative ways, all captured in pristine 96kHz clarity. A plethora of thuds, rattles, jangles and buzzes all make appearances here in addition to the traditional pure ringing tones tuning forks are known for. These acoustic samples were then heavily processed and twisted to produce companion sounds that can be layered and added to the acoustic elements along with raw waveform samples from an Arp 2600 synthesizer. This makes it possible to create anything from detailed electric pianos and vibraphone-like tuned percussion to otherworldly soundscapes and pads. The included presets take advantage of this diversity and showcase the breadth of sounds that are possible while being easily tweakable from the logically laid out front panel.
Forks features a dual layer interface with individually linkable sections that is an evolution of Particle Sound's original Carbon interface and affords considerable sound mangling power in an intuitive and straight forward way. Each of Forks 2 layers features dual sound sources, one of which is selectable from a drop down menu, sample start point modulation, state selectable filter, 3 envelopes, 2 LFO's with available tempo sync and a dedicated controller section.
There is also a dedicated Global and FX page that features 4 freely assignable insert slots along with master delay and convolution reverb. Each of the insert slots lets you select between one of 18 different effects including Eq, dynamics, distortion, reverb, delay and modulation FX, while the convolution reverb features 51 custom impulse responses hand crafted to compliment the included sounds. In addition to more traditional reverbs these include some pretty out there special effects like granular delays and artificial environments created by attaching contact mic's to an abused metal spring.
100 expertly crafted presets using Kontakt Snapshots.
3,446 total samples.
4.27GB lossless compressed .NCW files (7.17GB equivalent).
Up to 24 random robins per instrument.
Up to 26 velocity levels per instrument.
7 acoustic articulations captured at 96kHz.
36 alternative, processed and synth multi-samples captured at 96kHz and 48kHz.
51 custom impulse responses captured at 96kHz including special effects.
在它的心叉基于科学的音叉,使用和滥用和演奏的独特和创新的方式,在原始96 kHz清晰捕捉这一切广泛采样收集。大量的砰砰声、吵闹声、刺耳、嗡嗡声在这里露面除了传统的纯铃声音叉著称。这些声波的样品进行大量处理和扭曲产生的同伴声音可以分层并添加到与原始波形样品的声学因素从Arp2600合成器。这样一来,我们就可以创建任何东西从详细的电钢琴和电颤琴像调谐的打击乐器到超凡脱俗的音景与垫。包括的预设利用这种多样性和展示的广度是可能的虽然是从逻辑上奠定了容易可调前面板的声音。
4.27 GB无损压缩。网络中心战文件(7.17 GB相当)。
7声关节在96 kHz捕获。
36的替代方法,处理和synth多样品48 kHz,96 kHz捕获。
51自定义脉冲响应捕获在96 kHz包括特殊效果。
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