RM Photoshop Brush Collection
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RM Photoshop Brush Collection
Title: RM Photoshop Brush Collection
RM Gorgeous Oil 3.0
Although that in previous products we have focused on art effects brushes, we decided to complement our product line with art painting brushes. This is the new generation (Version 3.0) of our digital emulated natural tools for Photoshop CS3+. Although the setting of brushes in Photoshop almost had no changes since CS3 version we have put all our efforts to create this very nice tool.
In this pack you will get artistic oil brushes emulation for a nice oil-style painting. Compact and well-combined set will give you the opportunity to try your hand with oil painting right now using just a stylus. Rich wide-range dynamics, different types of brushes (bristle, soft, highlight) also supplemented by special mix brushes that will allow you to mix colors different technique styles (blade mover, and few bristles).
System requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS4(CS3) and above, (CS6 works but not recomended use CS5 or CC line instead) & Wacom (or any pressure sensitive) Stylus!
Features of this art pack:
First of all its not just realistic clean look for strokes, but also maximum possible comfort and intuitive hand adaptation like you feel with real qualitive art tools. You can be shure that you get unique set and cannot reach these results with any other brush packs. Also you do not need no additional software for sketching and you can work inside powerful photoshop 16 bit color depth engine. (The Oldest system tested for adequate(4 star) performance: Intel Core 2 Duo 2,6 GHz, 2GB Ram. Windows XP, Photoshop CS4.) (Note: Photoshop CS6 not recomended please use CS5 or CC line instead) Full functional modern stylus Tools for Photoshop its not a dream.
Power up you photoshop now!
RM Digi Ink 3.0
Accurate Qualitative hand-responsible ink brushes for Photoshop CS5+ CC+ Brilliant choice for any art & design hard edges sketching with your stylus in your Photoshop.
Both .ABR and .TPL brush format files included.
Why I need this pack?
We know about vector brush problems, and we know that raster brushes roughness. Being Raster brushes for photoshop, Our ink set have perfect contours as vector brushes, and handy in use as raster ones! Just Feel the magic of our ‘tatoo designer’ brushes and magic of halftone brushes.
-Dozen of fantastic hard line brushes
-Dozen of handy and easy halftones (crosshatches, circles)
in latest edition, we tried to make em more flexible, more handy, more simple, and simply better.
Get it now and you could find new horizons to express all your Creativity in art without obstacles you had before!
RM My Pencils? 3.0 of 2016
Qualitative hand-responsible pencil brushes for Photoshop CS5+ CC+ Brilliant choice for any art & design pencil-like sketching with your stylus and your Photoshop.
Both .ABR and .TPL brush format files included.
Why I need this pack?
Pencils…. This is starting point for every creative person. You could have nothing except good pencil and sheet of paper. Also, Pencil should be handy and qualitative. It should help and drive but not hamper you. That’s why everybody prefer good qualitive pencil as the base of any idea starting step. We had very poor digital pecils before our tool. They were not even pencils. NOW we had released the best stylus pencils ever! It acts completely like real good pencil allowing to place shades, stroke lines with pleasure during dragging over with all Stylus pressure levels range! You’ll love it, because it is always at perfect condition, you do not need to interrupt to sharpen it, and you never could break it and never need buy another one.
Get it now and you could find new horizons to express all your Creativity in art without obstacles you had before!
虽然在以前的产品我们已经集中在艺术效果刷牙,我们决定以补充我们的产品线与艺术画笔。这是新的一代(3.0版本)我们的数字模拟天然工具为PhotoshopCS3 +。虽然在Photoshop中画笔的设置几乎自CS3版本,我们已经把我们所有的努力打造这个非常好的工具几乎没有变化。
第一次中风,但也是最大可能的舒适和直观手适应你感觉与真正的定性艺术工具它不只是现实的目光。你能保证你获得独特的集和不能达到这些结果与任何其他刷包。你也不需要为素描没有额外的软件,你可以工作强大的photoshop16位颜色深度发动机内部。(最旧的系统测试足够 (四星)性能︰g h z英特尔酷睿2双核2,6,2 GBRam。WindowsXP中,PhotoshopCS4)(注 ︰PhotoshopCS6不建议请使用CS5或抄送行相反)全功能现代手写笔工具Photoshop不梦想。
PhotoshopCS5 +CC +辉煌的选择对于任何艺术与设计的硬边,用触摸笔在你Photoshop中草绘的准确的定性手负责油墨刷。
我的Pencils?3.02016 年RM
定性的手负责铅笔刷PhotoshopCS5 +CC +辉煌的选择,任何艺术及设计像铅笔一样素描与手写笔和你的Photoshop。
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