Udemy – Modeling Game Assets in Blender for Absolute Beginners
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Duration 2h 30m MP4
Title: Udemy – Modeling Game Assets in Blender for Absolute Beginners
Model, Texture, Animate
Ever wanted to make games and make your own 3D models for the games? Maybe the software was too expensive or too difficult to learn? Well, along comes Blender which is free and relatively easy to learn if you do it the right way. In our course we will get started. Step by step, with lots of practice. We’ll be repetitive. If you repeat something for the fifth time, it becomes your nature.
Discover The Wonderful World of 3D Modeling and Create Beautiful Inanimate and Animated Models.
· Explore The Blender Environment
· Create and Delete Objects
· Master the Basic Transformations: Grabbing, Rotating and Scaling
· Master the Basic Modeling Tools: Extruding, Loops
· Keep Your Projects Organized
· Rig and Animate Your Models
· Add Materials and Textures to Your Models
Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Modeling – It’s All Well Within Your Reach.
You can do quite a lot of things with Blender. Blender can be used to make static models, animations, movies and games, among others. In this course you will learn just a little portion of that but if you have no experience with Blender, this is the right place to start your adventure with the program. A good start is crucial. And you’ll be amazed how fast you’ll move along.
Contents and Overview
This course is targeted at beginners who have little or no experience with Blender. The pace is initially quite slow, with lots of practice opportunities so that you can get used to the Blender environment. The language is simple and you should have no problems understanding what I’m talking (or writing) about. As we proceed you’ll get familiar with new, more advanced concepts.
This course is divided into 9 sections, each of them covering a broader topic subdivided into lectures. Altogether, there are 43 lectures. The pace is up to you, you can go through the easier parts faster and then take more time to study the more sophisticated ones.
To help you memorize and practice all the new stuff, you go over similar steps repeatedly as you proceed.
After you finish each section, there’s a quiz for you that covers the material discussed in that section.
After you finish this course you will be able to move around the Blender interface, create simple objects and transform them, rig and animate your models as well as texture them. You will be able to use quite a lot of tools and techniques. You’ll know how to keep things organized. This will make a good starting point for more advanced study.
持续时间2 h30 mMP4
标题︰Udemy— —绝对初学者建模游戏资产在搅拌机
不要再等待了。开始建模— —它是所有好你到达。
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