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Team DYNAMiCS | 03/03/2008 | 3.15 GB
KORE 2 is the Super Instrument – a powerful software / hardware system with a versatile library of more than 500 production-ready sounds with over 3,000 sound variations, plus over 100 effect settings. Find, play, and tweak sounds with unprecedented speed, power and ease.
KORE 2 features six integrated sound engines, a dedicated hardware controller, and the ultra-fast KoreSound? browser. Additionally, KORE 2 is infinitely expandable with the KORE SOUNDPACKS, KOMPLETE 5 or any other Audio Unit?/VST?-plug-in.
Production-ready sound library
KORE 2 produces cutting-edge sounds right from the start based on the integrated sound engines of REAKTOR, MASSIVE, ABSYNTH, FM8, KONTAKT and GUITAR RIG. The versatile sound library covers production-ready sounds of nearly all kinds - ranging from band and orchestral instruments to synthesizers, drums, soundscapes and sound effects. Every included sound provides up to 8 sound variations which can be morphed using the unique morphing pad or the KORE controller - intricate sonic transitions are at your fingertips!
Fast and easy access to sounds
KORE 2 makes finding the desired sound a breeze - simply choose an instrument type and its musical characteristics in the new and expanded KoreSound? Browser or use the text search function.
Analog-style control
In KORE 2, software generated sound acquires the tactile feel of hardware. The KORE Controller's high resolution, touch-sensitive controls guarantee tangibly direct analog-style sound manipulation. All library sounds have been pre-mapped for immediate hands on tweak-ability.
Top Features
* Unified software / hardware system to instantly find, play and control sounds
* Includes sound engines* from REAKTOR, MASSIVE, ABSYNTH, FM8, KONTAKT and GUITAR RIG with 500 unique KoreSounds?
* Sound Variations enrich every KoreSound with up to 8 variations that can be morphed into each other
* Perfectly integrated hardware controller for analog-style sound control and complete software navigation
* Loads Audio Unit?- and VST?-plug-ins with easy preset import for immediate use
* Ultra-fast KoreSound?-Browser lets you find any sound according to its musical attributes
* Drag and Drop user interface for a fast and inspiring workflow that liberates creativity
* 30 top quality effects ranging from classic to inspiring creative tools
* Powerful routing/layering possibilities based on a highly flexible audio and MIDI signal flow
* Built-in Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer with real-time control
* Preconfigured for smooth use with KOMPLETE 5
KORE 2 as a host loads:
VST?, Audio Units?
KORE 2 as a instrument or effect plug-in runs:
Stand-alone, VST?, Audio Units?, RTAS? under Pro Tools 7?
System Requirements
Mac OSX 10.4.x / 10.5, G5 1.8 GHz or Intel? Core? Duo 1.66 GHz, 1 GB RAM
Win XP / Vista (32 Bit), Pentium / Athlon 1.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM
USB 2.0 Port, 5 GB free disk space.
团队动力学| 03/03/2008年3.15 | GB
韩国超级–2 is the powerful(软件/硬件系统与多才多艺的Library of超过500的生产准备的声音与声音的变化过3000 Plus的过效,100 settings。find,播放声音的速度,和tweak与unprecedented,电力和轻松。
2发动机的声音特点是在dedicated六集成控制器,硬件,和超快速koresound?浏览器。additionally Kore 2膨胀,infinitely is with the soundpacks可利,komplete 5或任何其他音频/ vst?unit?插件。
有2 produces模切边权声the start of the集成基于发动机声音协会,absynth fm8,现代化,大规模,和吉他钻机。茶叶生产covers多才多艺的声音声音图书馆准备从各种各样的临床学院近-带和orchestral to synthesizers仪器,drums,soundscapes和声音效果。每一个包括声音声音的变化8提供了独特的morphed using the which can be or the可利morphing垫控制器-复杂的声波是在* * * * transitions你!
2韩国教育的声音让微风-测距the choose an(简单型的特点和其在新的和扩大的音乐搜索使用浏览器或koresound?the text函数。
韩国软件2,声音acquires generated of the tactile感觉的硬件。高分辨率controller'茶可利,触摸敏感控制tangibly担保直接类比式音效处理。图书馆的声音一直在我的手立即在线预mapped for tweak能力。
*统一的软件/硬件系统和控制instantly to find,播放声音
*包括*从发动机声音协会,absynth fm8,现代化,大规模,和独特的koresounds?吉他钻机与500
*丰富的变化与声音的变化,每一koresound that can be up to 8 morphed into each other
* perfectly集成控制器硬件和声音控制模式提供完整的导航软件
* loads unit?vst?音频插件和插件与即时使用预置换易进出口
拖动拖放用户界面和*快速和inspiring for a liberates工作流,创造力
* powerful路由/壳层对基于柔性的音频和MIDI信号在高密度流
*预先使用与komplete for光滑5
主机:2 loads可利as a
可利(or as a 2插件运行效果:
独立的音频,vst?,units?岁,rtas?Pro Tools 7?
G5的Mac OSX 10.5 GHz 10.4.x /,或intel?1.66 GHz core?垛,1 GB的RAM
Win XP / Vista(32位),Athlon Pentium/1.4 GHz,1 GB RAM
GB的USB 2.0端口,5自由磁盘空间。

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