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Spectrasonics Omnisphere VSTi AU RTAS v1.5.5e | PC/MAC | 6 DVD9 [RE-UP] | ~ 38 GB
Omnisphere by Spectrasonics breaks new sonic ground by combining a wide variety of hybrid realtime synthesis techniques, an epic library of ‘Psychoacoustic’ sounds, and many innovative features that have never been seen before in any hardware or software synthesizer.
Omnisphere is designed with a unique user interface containing progressive layers of 'zooming' to accommodate the complete range of users - from musicians who just want to be inspired by the sounds and customize them in an easy way, to expert synthesists and the most advanced sound designers. Users can go deeper and deeper into the software and progress in their synthesis knowledge by simply exploring additional levels of sound manipulation options. To make sure that all users get the most out of the new capabilities, Omnisphere includes an extensive set of video tutorials and synthesis lessons taught by the Spectrasonics sound design team.
Omnisphere offers a host of hybrid synthesis and new control capabilities including Variable Waveshaping DSP synthesis, Granular synthesis, Timbre Shifting, FM, polyphonic Ring Modulation, high-resolution streaming Sample Playback, Harmonia, Dual Multimode Filter structure, Chaos Envelopes, an advanced Unison mode, and the innovative Flex-Mod modulation routing system - to name a few.
The huge core library of Omnisphere is filled with years of creative sampling experiments and thousands of inspiring patches. Spectrasonics has pioneered several brand-new types of sampling for the core library of this instrument, including unique "Psychoacoustic" sounds and soundsources created with a new Composite Morphing Technique (CMT) - which morphs the harmonic characteristics of one instrument to another. As a bonus, a section of the core library is also devoted to representing the best of Spectrasonics sample libraries. When all of these organic core library soundsources are combined with the synthesis power of the STEAM engine, the sounds become "alive" in a truly dynamic and expressive way.
Among the many unique features this new multi-timbral synth offers are its flexible arpeggiators with the world's first Groove Lock integration with Stylus RMX - allowing the arpeggiator's pattern to instantly groove with the feel of the RMX drum loop; Live Mode for transitionless patch switching and layering, Stack Mode for powerful performance mapping; and integrated modulatable FX Racks.
Omnisphere is also the successor to Spectrasonics' popular Atmosphere instrument, and contains enhanced versions of all the classic Atmosphere sounds. However, the brand new core library in Omnisphere is 10-times the size of Atmosphere and features thousands of completely new and different sounds.
System Features:
* Powerfully simple interface design makes key features accessible to every user.
* Advanced users can "zoom" into deeper and deeper synthesis capabilities.
* Sophisticated Browser with searching, sound attributes, descriptions and images.
* 8 independent Arpeggiators.
* World's first Arpeggiator with Groove Lock - which allows the Arpeggiators to match the feel of Stylus RMX and MIDI Files.
* Special performance-oriented Live Mode interface allows for seamless, interactive creative patch switching and layering on the fly.
* Stack Mode interface allows for complex patch layering, splits, and crossfades (velocity/positional/controller).
* 8-part multi-timbral with built-in Mixer, Aux FX and Mastering FX racks.
* Advanced MIDI Learn and Automation parameter handling.
* Comprehensive integrated Reference Guide.
* Hours of free Tutorial Videos available online to registered users.
Synthesis Features:
* Oscillators can be sample-based or synth-based.
* Up to 10 oscillators per patch with new Harmonia feature.
* Flex-Mod modulation system allows powerful modular-style routing.
* Dual Layer architecture.
* High-definition streaming engine.
* Variable DSP Oscillator Waveshapes.
* Sophisticated Unison Detuning.
* Variable Analog Feel.
* Modulatable Hard Sync.
* Granular Synthesis.
* Innovative Chaos Envelopes.
* Polyphonic Timbre Shifting.
* Polyphonic Timbre Crushing.
* Polyphonic Waveshaper.
* Polyphonic Ring Modulation.
* Polyphonic Glide.
* FM Oscillators.
* Dual Filter architecture per Layer.
* Create filter combinations in series or parallel.
* Arrange and blend more than 17 Filter algorithms.
* Fully modulatable FX racks.
* Alternate tuning scales supported.
* 6 full-featured LFOs per patch.
* 8 Advanced Multi-breakpoint looping Envelopes per patch.
* Unique Dual Envelope interface - Simple ADSR-style or Advanced Graphic-style.
* Sampled soundsources can be processed with synthesis features.
Sound Library:
* Vast Core Library - over 40GB with thousands of sounds.
* Cutting-edge sounds from the renowned Spectrasonics sound design team.
* Innovative "Psychoacoustic" soundsources for organic synthesis.
* Unique multisampled "Composite Morphing soundsources.
* Integrates the award-winning, original Atmosphere core library.
* Integrates best of Spectrasonics highly-acclaimed sample libraries.
* Massive variety of inspiring sounds for all types of music production.
* Searchable by sound attributes (Timbre, Genre, Mood, Tonality, Source, etc).
* Expandable sound architecture.
Effects Features:
* Integrated, full-featured FX Racks.
* Up to 12 simultaneous FX per patch.
* Layer FX modulatable from any mod source.
* Hundreds of FX presets included.
* Over 32 original FX Processors covering the full spectrum of signal processing.
? 2GB or more of RAM
? Dual Layer compatible DVD-ROM drive
? 50GB of free hard drive space
Mac Recommendations:
? 2.0 GHz or higher processor
? G5 PowerPC compatible - Intel Core2Duo or higher recommended
? OSX 10.4.9 or higher
? AudioUnit, VST 2.4 or RTAS capable host software
? Native Universal Binary for Intel Macs
Windows Recommendations:
? Pentium 3.0 GHz or higher (Intel Core2Duo recommended)
? VST 2.4 or RTAS capable host software
? Microsoft XP SP2 or later
? Microsoft Vista compatible
他们spectrasonics omnisphere VSTi RTAs v1.5.5e | PC / Mac | dvd9 [ 6 ] | re-up~38 GB
omnisphere是自行设计的独特性与用户界面层的含zooming accommodate”的范围从完整的用户musicians谁只是想逃避的是灵感的声音和他们在一年customize容易的方式,对synthesists专家和最先进的音响设计师。用户可以去deeper deeper旅和进度和软件在他们的知识水平由简单的合成声音的探索manipulation附加选项。确保让所有用户得到最新出的能力,包括所有年组omnisphere广泛的视频tutorials课教,由spectrasonics和合成声音设计团队。
提供omnisphere host of混合合成和新的控制变量包括DSP集成能力的粒状合成,合成,环移polyphonic邮票,调频,调高分辨率的样品,流媒体播放,异色,双multimode滤波器结构,混沌envelopes一致,高级模式和创新模式,灵活的调制系统的P2P路由选择name燃料。
核心库的巨大的银行是充满创意的omnisphere年采样实验和thousands of inspiring补丁。有几种品牌的新spectrasonics pioneered类核心库这样“独特”的工具,包括心理声学的声音和soundsources人生”与新技术(CMT)复合morphing哪一个morphs谐波特征的另一个工具。我的奖金,部分核心库和忠诚都是最好的spectrasonics图书馆representing样品。当所有的这些有机核合成组合库soundsources有实力在《蒸汽发动机的声音,真正成为“活着”和expressive在动态的方式。
这个新的特征之间的许多独特的合成器音色会有多arpeggiators其柔性与世界第一槽与锁-“stylus RMX整合到了allowing琶音器型槽与感觉的instantly RMX路环;直播模式为transitionless补丁和layering堆栈模式开关,用于映射和强大的性能;外汇racks是可调整的。
《继承者是也omnisphere到大气spectrasonics流行工具和增强版,包含所有的经典大气的声音。然而,在新的品牌核心库是10倍的omnisphere size of气和新的特点和thousands完全不同的声音。
*先进的用户可以在“放大”和deeper deeper合成能力。
* sophisticated浏览器与搜索、声音和图像的属性,descriptions。
arpeggiators 8×8的独立。
*世界第一的琶音器与槽的锁,允许银行对比赛的感觉arpeggiators stylus rMX和MIDI文件。
第八部分多音色与内置搅拌器,外汇和外汇racks mastering AUX。
*到每片10 oscillators异色与新特征。
* DSP变频振荡器波形。
* sophisticated异口同声的失谐。
* polyphonic crushing邮票。
polyphonic waveshaper *。
* polyphonic环调制。
* polyphonic滑翔。
* oscillators调频。
*在创建filter combinations系列或平行。
先进的多回路的8×8的每breakpoint envelopes补丁。
* soundsources采样可以加工与合成的特点。
*在广阔的核心库与thousands 40GB的声音。
*尖端的声音从renowned spectrasonics声音设计团队。

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