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AUDIOSTRiKE 29/03/2015 | 1.83 GB
Looking for melodics with that ripped-from-vinyl vibe without the royalty headaches? Look no further than Vinyl & Tape Melodic Shots: 1750+ of our finest bass, synth, keys and pads tracked to tape and cut to vinyl for an essential selection of deep, rich, thick and warm melodic tools.
Also well as all the files being offered in four custom analogue flavours, we’ve bundled in 50 fully-mapped for instant old school melodic inspiration.
We delved into the world of tape and vinyl with our best-selling Vinyl & Tape Drum Hits collection. Now we’ve turned our attention to melodic elements: Rhodes, vintage synths, piano, bass and more.
Oozing with a warmth and personality that’s impossible to recreate in the digital realm, these lovingly recorded sounds – tweaked at one of the UK's leading mastering houses – will instantly give your music distinctive depth, fullness and warmth with zero additional processing. Prepare to be surprised how much easier melodies come together with sounds that are bursting with analogue flavour.
Meticulously curated from across the Sample Magic catalogue, all sounds have been tracked to industry-leading Qauntegy GP-9 tape on a Studer A80 and A810, cut to vinyl with a Neumann VMS70 lathe, SAL 74C rack and SX74 cutting head and then lightly treated through the Phoenix Thermionic compressor via an all-analogue chain of Focusrite Blue 315 pre-amp's, Maselec MEA-2 EQ and Waves Maxx BCL limiter.
Divided into folders of Vinyl, A80 Tape, Hot A80 Tape and A810 Tape, the same hits are given new leases of life in each…
Vinyl > The classic vinyl sound – think warmth, body, fullness, air – is what this folder is about. Ideal for all manner of lush melodic creation across all genres, all sounds were finalised using the Phoenix Thermionic valve compressor then cut to vinyl with a Neumann VMS70 Lathe, SAL 74C rack and SX74 cutting head.
A80 Tape > Rich, warm and naturally compressed melodic sounds given extra punch and depth through the medium of this classic tape machine. A subtle layer of noise and tape flutter warms digital signals and transposes musically in a pitch-shifted setting. We were careful not to push too hard the sounds here – recorded to 1/4 inch Quantegy GP-9 – fit the mix just right.
Hot A80 Tape > Custom-driven gain settings for each hit were employed on the flagship Studer A80 machine for even more analogue character. Top-end transients are aggressively smoothed out and the notorious bottom end of tape saturation widens the stereo image and compresses essential low-end frequencies.
A810 Tape > The younger brother of the A80 and a tape machine collector’s dream. Here we’ve pushed the melodic shots to breaking point for a maxed, dirty and driven vibe thanks to the A810’s unique gain structure. Bass and key sounds become wider and slightly harmonically distorted for a distinctively hot retro sound.
What's Inside
Bass > 188 synth plucks, deep subs and live hits for the ultimate low-end. Sub-divided into folders of aggressive, distorted, pitch-bend, wobble and subby.
Synth > Vast selection of shots and chords from the finest synths including the Juno-106, Oberheim X and Roland System-100. Sub-divided into folders of aggressive, bright, filtered, percussive and processed so you can find the right sound with ease.
Pads > Lush, warm, wide and rich: 169 key-labeled pads from classic synths including the Prophet 5, Juno-60 and the Roland JX-3P.
Keys > Real Rhodes and piano samples primed for that retro live vibe.
Vocoder > Timeless sounds from an analogue classic.
FX > Techno bleeps and bloops, house swooshes and swells and disco lazers taken for a vinyl and tape spin. Key-labeled where applicable.
audiostrike 29 / 03 / 2015 | 1.83 GB
寻找旋律,撕开从乙烯没有感觉皇室头痛?看没有进一步比乙烯胶带旋律镜头:1750 +我们最好的低音,合成器,钥匙和垫跟踪到磁带和削减乙烯为重要选择的深,丰富,厚和温暖的旋律工具。
精心策划从整个样品的魔法目录,听起来都有被跟踪业界领先的qauntegy Gp-9磁带上一个Studer A80 A810,削减乙烯Neumann vms70车床,萨尔74c齿条和sx74切割头,然后轻轻地处理通过凤凰热离子压缩机通过一个所有模拟链Focusrite蓝色315前置放大器的,maselec mea-2情商和波Maxx bcl限制器。
A80磁带>丰富,温暖和自然压缩悦耳的声音给予额外的凸凹深度通过这个经典的磁带机中。一个微妙的层噪声和磁带颤振温暖数字信号将音乐在音调偏移设置。我们很小心,不要太用力,声音在这里–记录到1 / 4英寸quantegy GP9–适合组合恰到好处。
热A80磁带>自定义驱动每打增益设置采用旗舰Studer A80机甚至更多的模拟性。顶端的瞬变积极理顺和磁带饱和臭名昭著的底端扩大的立体图像和压缩必要的低端频率。
> 188把低音合成器,为最终的低端深潜艇和生活打。分为积极的,扭曲的,弯的文件夹,摆动和subby。
从最好的合成器包括juno-106镜头和和弦合成器>广阔的选择,oberheim X和罗兰system-100。分为积极的,明亮的,过滤后的文件夹,冲击和处理,所以你可以找到正确的声音轻松。
FX >技术信号和bloops,房子喜欢膨胀和迪斯科激光为乙烯基和带自旋。钥匙标签适用。

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