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FANTASTiC 23 MARCH 2015 | 916 MB
Straight Ahead Samples is pleased to announce DJ Harrison’s LAYBACK/THROWBACK. Channeling the spirit of artists & producers like J-Dilla, ?uestlove, Madlib, D’Angelo and Herbie Hancock, LAYBACK/THROWBACK creates a sonic world all its own. In this unique collection, producer/multi-instrumentatlist, DJ Harrison shares hundreds of looped grooves, melodic and chordal ideas, distinct production choices and sound effects offered as inspirational leaping-off points to get the create juices flowing.
Key Features
Over 300 super-groovy and vibey loops. Drums, basses, guitars, pianos, rhodes, synths, organs, multi-percussion.
3 formats. Kontakt 5, Maschine, and wav.
Tons of Effects. Filters, distortions, compressors, bit-crushers, delays and reverbs. (Kontakt version only)
Sampled Drum Kit blends seamlessly with the loops. Using the same recording and drum setup as the loops, we sampled DJ Harrison’s kit to be able to blend with the drum loops.
Mutli-mic sampling of drums. Mix the individual microphones on the drum kit to your own liking and apply effects to each individual channel. (Kontakt version only).
MPC Drum Triggers. With the touch of a button, turn on different MPC kick and snare samples that are triggered exactly with the drum grooves recorded in the loops. Mix them in to your liking with the mixer.
Transpose Pitched instruments up or down by half-steps, up to 1 octave.
Tempo List
About the Recording Process:
Devonne Harris (aka DJ Harrison) spent several days in the studio. With all manner of instruments setup and ready to go, he bounced around the studio playing every instrument. He started with drum grooves at different tempos and feels. Then, maybe he’d lay down and bassline or some chords on the rhodes. He continued to overdub and fill in each piece until he felt sure it was as “full” as it could be. The result is 34 ridiculously-groovy, vibey, and unique vignettes chock full of inspiring melodic, chordal, and rhythmic ideas that are sure to get the creative juices flowing.
About DJ Harrison
Producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist DJ Harrison (aka Devonne Harris) is equally at home playing serious jazz as he is making hip-hop beats in his studio. Member of the group Butcher Brown (featured on the new album Numbers by jazz trumpet great Nicholas Payton) and co-founder of the Richmond, VA record label Jellowstone Records (subsidiary of Ropeadope Records). In addition to being a member of Butcher Brown, he’s worked, in jazz and hip-hop realms, with artists like Nicholas Payton, Robert Glasper , Count Bass D, John D’earth, Amaury Acosta’s Unity, NOBS Brass Band, Ohbliv. His work with Butcher Brown is also heard on the track by 50 cent, “50’s my Favorite”
神奇23侠2015三月| 916 MB
前方的样品很高兴地宣布,DJ哈里森的向后/倒退。把艺术家和制作人一样,j-dilla,精神?uestlove,Madlib,D'Angelo和Herbie Hancock,向后/倒退创建一个自己的世界的声音。在这一独特的收藏,生产者/多instrumentatlist,DJ哈里森股票数百环槽,旋律和和弦的想法,不同生产选择音效作为灵感跳跃点提供获得创造的果汁流动的。
3种格式。Kontakt 5,机器,和WAV。
制片人,作曲家和多乐器DJ哈里森(又名devonne Harris)同样在家玩严重爵士他在嘻哈音乐在他的工作室。本集团成员(屠夫棕色出现在新专辑的数量伟大的爵士乐小号尼古拉斯佩顿)和里士满,联合创始人VA唱片jellowstone记录(记录的ropeadope子)。除了作为一个成员的棕色屠夫,他的工作,爵士和嘻哈领域,艺术家喜欢尼古拉斯佩顿,罗伯特glasper,Count Bass D,约翰d'earth,Amaury Acosta的统一,NOBS铜管乐队,ohbliv。他与屠夫的工作也在轨道上听到了50分,“50是我最喜欢的”。

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